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Why Summer Is The Best Time For A Kitchen Refurbishment

Written by Shayne

If you are thinking of carrying out a kitchen refurbishment, there are various questions to consider. Your budget is one, the design is another, but there is also the small matter of when to do it.

The latter may not be the biggest question in some regards. After all, the new look kitchen will be there for many years to come, which means the money you spend on it needs to be well spent and the design needs to be something you will be happy with for a long time. By comparison, the actual process of having the work done is relatively temporary.

Even so, there are some times that are better than others – and the late spring and early summer could be the best of all.

The first thing to consider is how you will cater while the work is being undertaken and not all your facilities are fully available. Summer may be a good time to do this because you don’t need as much hot food to stay warm. That means you can have cereal instead of a cooked breakfast, salads instead of stir fries and a cool drink rather than a hot tea or coffee.

Summer also offers the opportunity for a barbecue. Although the sun sets significantly later further north, London’s sunsets take place later than 9.00 pm from late May through to late July, with the latest at 9.21 pm at the back end of June.

With the weather hopefully being warm, this is a great time for some al fresco dining and it even means you can entertain while parts of your kitchen are being renovated, since you can cook everything outside.

Another good reason for this is that people tend to take holidays in the summer, so you could even arrange to be away while the work is being carried out, provided you have neighbours or other helpful family or friends to ensure everything is secure.

Moreover, while summers are filled with holidays, parties and summer events, contractors are often less busy and thus more likely to be available when you need them to be.

At the same time, having the work done at this time of year means you can have your new kitchen fully up and running and looking pristine in time for the autumn. This means it will be looking great when you host a party indoors, which traditionally features that group of people who spend most of the night hanging out in the kitchen.

As well as having lots of space for the party food, the kitchen will also be ready to handle formal gatherings around the back end of the year, such as Christmas with all that turkey and trimmings and puddings to work on – when lots of space will be invaluable – and New Year. You might even get American or Canadian friends over for Thanksgiving in late November.

For all these reasons, the summer may be the very best time to get the work done, which means right now is the time to start looking at designs to decide what may be the best one for you.

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