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The True Cost Of DIY Revealed!

Written by Shayne

There’s nothing more exciting than starting a home improvement project, whether that’s a kitchen refurbishment, some new landscaping outside, a loft conversion… making changes to create your dream home will always be a passionate undertaking.

No doubt there will be the temptation there to do a lot of the work yourself and this is, of course, a wonderful way to go about really putting your mark on the property.

But it’s important to make sure that you only attempt the jobs you know you have the skills, experience and expertise in, otherwise you could find yourself having to spend extra rectifying problems that a professional would have succeeded in avoiding.

In fact, there is some property development work that is actually illegal to complete unless you have the requisite skills. For example, any work that involves a gas appliance will require a professional qualification to ensure safety compliance, so you’ll have to bring in a qualified trader. 

And if you decide not to use a registered electrician, there are some electrical jobs that will need to be inspected by your local council, which is also something to bear in mind.

There’s also the financial aspect to consider when thinking about doing lots of the work at home yourself. New research from independent inspection organisation RISA has just revealed that more than £6 billion is spent each year on fixing DIY disasters, with the average cost emerging as £4,861!

According to Property Reporter, one in ten homeowners have even spent £10,000 on fixing the problems they created… so it seems that opting for a professional brings all sorts of benefits with it!

RISA assessor manager Lee Galley was quoted by the news source as saying: “In 2022, UK homeowners are set to spend over £40 billion on home improvements which is a huge amount of money!

“Some home improvements are fine to try your hand at, such as giving the walls a fresh lick of paint or putting up a shelf, but when doing bigger home improvements, like tiling the bathroom or replacing a window frame, homeowners should always look to use a qualified tradesperson.”

Apparently, millennials are the most likely to have had a DIY disaster on their hands, with 42 per cent saying that they’ve had problems while making upgrades to their homes themselves. This group also spends the most on fixing their own mistakes, with average repairs coming to £5,896.

With all this in mind, if you are currently considering redoing your home this year or next and want to ensure that everything goes as it should, on time and on budget, get in touch with SDLPKB today to see how we can help!

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