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Renovate Your Kitchen On A Budget

Written by Shayne

The room homeowners typically want to renovate the most is the kitchen, with this being the heart of the home, and where lots of memories are made. However, it is also one of the costliest refurbishment projects, which is why lots of people delay renovating their kitchen for years.

Installing a new cooking and dining space doesn’t have to break the bank though. Here are our tips on how to do a kitchen renovation on a budget.

  • A quick update

An easy way to upgrade your kitchen is to keep the cabinets, layout and major appliances the same, but change the aesthetic of the room. For instance, you could paint the walls, change the backsplash, alter the cupboard doors and handles, and cover the floor.

You could even replace the lights, plugs or plumbing fixtures, and buy some small appliances, such as a new microwave, kettle and toaster. These can instantly make your kitchen feel fresh without blowing your budget.

  • Maintain layout

If a larger-scale kitchen refurbishment is on the cards, one way to ensure you save money is to keep the same layout. Moving plumbing and gas outlets requires installation experts and can see expenses rack up.

However, keeping the same layout as before, so the sink, hob, and washing machine are in the same place, will mean all you need to do is change the cabinets, worktops, doors and small fixtures and fittings.

  • No knock-through

One of the most popular kitchen trends of the last ten years has to be the open-plan kitchen-diner. However, knocking through walls involves structural work and can end up costing quite a bit.

Ask yourself if a larger space would work better for your family and if it is worth the extra expense. If having an open-plan family room would greatly benefit your home life, it could be worth increasing your budget for it. However, if there is a ceiling on property values in the neighbourhood and it won’t be worth the cost or hassle knocking through walls, it might be time to reconsider.

  • Mix and match high-end with high-street

Homeowners who want to install a kitchen that will last them 20 or more years might be tempted to increase their budget to include all high-end fittings and appliances. However, it is worth noting that tastes change over the years, so the Art Deco tiles you love now might seem whacky and out of place by 2030.

That is why it is a good idea to spend more on some items that will stand the test of time, such as cabinet carcases, sinks and worktops. It is also worth looking for more cost-effective options for those items that are more dependent on interior design trends, from tiles and flooring to taps and cupboard knobs.   

If you come to sell your property in the next few years, the next resident will probably look to make it more homely by replacing these anyway.

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