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How To Use A Neutral Colour Palette

Written by Shayne

In the pursuit of class and elegance when it comes to interior design, you can certainly do no wrong if you choose a neutral colour palette for your various living spaces. It’s a common misconception that neutral colours at home are dull and uninspired and, in fact, you’re sure to find that you can create some stunning decor schemes if you do decide to go neutral.

You actually have a lot more choice to play around with than you might at first think. Yes, your most basic colours are black, white, beige, brown and grey, but you’ll be amazed to discover just how many neutral shades exist within these parameters.

Neutrals are hugely popular at the moment and it’s really not hard to see why. They’re incredibly restful when done well and are perfect for creating a serene and peaceful environment – ideal for all sorts of rooms, everything from your bedroom to your luxury spa bathroom.

After the last few years of chaos, it’s important that our homes provide us with a safe haven, somewhere we can escape to when the outside world just gets a little bit too much… and neutrals are ideal for helping you achieve this.

Neutrals are also amazing at paving the way for you to be braver with your other interior choices, allowing you to bring in all sorts of big and bold accessories, different textures and textiles… you’ll find you have a lot of freedom if you do go for this kind of colour palette.

To help you get it right and ensure that you really love your new interior design scheme, remember that texture is your best friend when it comes to neutrals. Your choice of texture and where you decide to put it will really help bring your room to life and stop them from feeling a bit flat.

What’s particularly great about decorating with neutrals is that you’ll find it a lot easier to create a sense of harmony and flow between your separate living spaces.

While your kitchen, dining room and living room don’t have to be exactly the same colour, if you opt for a neutral palette you’ll find that you should enjoy a sense of continuity, something that can be quite tricky to achieve with bolder colours and lots of pattern.

Before you do any actual decorating, however, it can be very useful to put together a few mood boards so that you can get a greater sense of how the room will look and feel once it’s finished, allowing you to play around with all sorts of ideas.

As a starting point, what about playing around with just one particular neutral, picking different shades and tones to create a beautiful elegant layered effect. You might well be surprised at how much you love the results!

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