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5 Top Tips For Bathroom Renovations

Written by Shayne

Sketching out your ideas and what you want your new bathroom to look like can really help you visualise it and see if it all works, or if you want to change a few design iRedoing the bathroom is a brilliant way of adding more value to your home, as well as providing you with a wonderful sanctuary in which to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. With careful planning and forethought, the bathroom could very easily become your favourite room in the house!

However, because it can be a rather sizable project and one that requires a potentially hefty financial investment, it’s important to take your time with the required decisions and not rush into anything.

Otherwise, you may well find that you don’t like the end result and either have to live with it under duress or spend more money to rectify the problem… neither of which are very appealing.

To help you get started with your bathroom renovation projects in the future, here are some top tips from the team at SDL PKB. Enjoy!


Think about how you want to use the space

Ask yourself what your daily routine is, how many people will be using the room, how much you roughly want to spend, how much storage you think you’ll need and what you don’t like about your current bathroom.


Don’t forget about ventilation

Bathrooms need some kind of ventilation, whether that’s with a window or the installation of a bathroom fan. Make sure you check the exhaust capacity against potential noise levels. If you have a smaller bathroom, bathroom fans can easily sound too loud – which will seriously get in the way of that tranquil sanctuary you’re trying to create.


Choose your flooring carefully

Wood flooring does look amazing in the bathroom, but it’s not the best option from a practical perspective. Real wood doesn’t tolerate humidity and wet conditions very well, so you may find your floor starts to expand, warp and even rot if you’re not careful. Better options would perhaps be ceramic or porcelain tiles.


Plan your lighting system early on

Your choice of lighting can make or break any interior design scheme, but this is especially true of the bathroom where task lighting is an absolute must. Do your best to maximise natural light in this part of the house, of course, but don’t forget to add sconces and other light sources in strategic places, as well as having an overhead light.


Draw up plans

Putting your ideas down on paper can help you visualise what your bathroom will look like, as well as any changes you want to make before you spend any money. This can also prove useful if you’re hiring professional contractors to help you with the project, as you can easily demonstrate what it is you’re looking for.

Include the positions of sanitaryware and furniture in the plans, as well as any required changes to plumbing, what the current plumbing system is like and what changes – if any – would be required to the electrical wiring.


Are you looking for bathroom designers in Essex at the moment? Get in touch with SDL PKB today to see how we can help.


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