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4 Ways To Get More Light In Your Bathroom

Written by Shayne

March is always a popular time of year for those who enjoy lighter, sunnier days, with the start of spring and the clocks going forward. Those short, dark days of winter can be safely forgotten about for several months.

However, it is worth noting that there is much you can do in your home to make the most of the natural light at any time of year. If you have plans for a new bathroom, this is an area you can pay lots of attention to, with help from bathroom designers in Hertfordshire to identify the key ways to make the room look wonderfully light.


If your bathroom is just under the roof, a skylight is a great option. It allow lots of light in, especially in summer when the sun is high in the sky, while also being in such a position that it won’t compromise privacy. It also helps get light into parts of the bathroom that a standard window will not do.

New or larger windows

Another smart move is to enlarge your existing windows to get more light in, or even have new ones fitted. The benefits of this can be particularly great if these are south-facing windows. That’s because they will get the best of the sun, especially in winter when the sun in Hertfordshire is fewer than 15 degrees above the horizon and days can be shorter than eight hours.

Internal Glass

Having internal glass fittings can be useful in allowing light to reach more corners of the bathroom. For example, doing this with a shower cubicle means it won’t be in shadow.

Reflective materials

Light does not have to come directly. By using white or other pale colours, as well as reflective tiles, you can also use reflective light to boost your bathroom’s illumination. This is particularly useful for eliminating shadows and making the most of limited light on dull days.

By taking these steps to light up your bathroom, you can ensure it makes the very most of the natural light available, from dull winter days to shiny summer afternoons.

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